The Tapias Canyon Alliance


cafe-02Our alliance is a private venture aimed to strengthen and support the coffee production in  the Tapias Canyon region; we are also focused on the long term sustainability of our coffee production, and the well being of the coffee growers, workers and their families.

We strive to generate commercial opportunities for the coffee produced by our growers, many of them medium-size and small growers that depend entirely on the coffee production for their livelihood. We work to provide support in the form of technical assistance. We help growers improve the quality of their coffee, and  train them in commercial skills so that they are focused on the importance  of producing excellent quality coffee and thereby getting better returns for themselves.
We are firmly convinced that we live and work in one of the best zones in the world to produce specialty coffee.  Through our alliance, we  promote our coffee among those in the specialty coffee industry worldwide. Only then can they come to experience the results of  our passion and commitment to produce one of the best specialty coffees in Colombia.

Welcome to the Tapias Canyon Alliance, an alliance committed to deliver the best coffee from the best of the renowned Colombian coffee region!

Tapias Region


The Tapias region is located in municipality of Neira, in the Colombian  department of Caldas.
Burial remains discovered here show that  the region was inhabited by aborigines during the pre-Hispanic times.  Natives of these lands, though not rich in gold as were nearby regions, were very skillful in the use of clay, a noble material for the fabrication of elaborate home utensils.

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Laderas del Tapias



The Laderas del Tapias farm is located in the Neira municipality within the region known as the Tapias canyon. This region is part of the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape.


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Our quality lab

Our Q-Grader

Our alliance offers the growers the service of a certified Q-Grader. The main goal of this service is to give growers, under the alliance standards, and technical advice to help them  improve the quality of the coffee they produce.

Currently our Q-Grader is Mr. Cesar Osorio. He is an agronomic engineer with  extensive experience consulting to coffee growers, associations, and cooperatives. Mr. Osorio has served as both teacher and consultant for universities and local coffee institutions as well.


Cupping services

All the growers that are members of the Tapias canyon alliance have the opportunity to use the services of our coffee lab to build a cupping profile for their coffees. The service is charged at a differential rate, meaning that the amount charged for the service is not the same for all the growers. Small growers pay far less than medium-size growers  pay.
The cupping service is also a way to give our buyers the assurance that the coffee they are receiving has passed through a quality control before leaving the farms.


Direct trade and tours to farms

One of the main goals of the Tapias canyon alliance is to promote and sell our coffees in the world market under the farm direct model. For that reason our region welcomes international visitors interested in getting to know our farms, the families behind the coffee, our beautiful region, and to see how the coffee is processed with the care of an artisan. Once in our region the visitor can visit Neira and neighboring Manizales and from there all the beautiful landscapes that our department of Caldas offers to visitors.

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